YUE YUAN HUA HAO on Guzheng and Ruan by Alan Lam & Loretta Tan

A husband and wife duo plays an instrumental rendition of a 1940's classic song, Yue Yuan Hua Hao, said to be the gift of love from Yan Hua to Zhou Xuan. A tune almost every Chinese of the Greater China Region will recognise. Here, the guzheng, weaves the embellishments through the melodic motives of the ruan.






Blooming Flowers Full Moon - (Yue Yuan Hua Hao) - Zhou Xuan Song: Yan Hua / Words: Fan Yanqiao The floating scattered clouds The bright moon shines on the arriving people Today is the most happy reunion Clean and shallow ponds Mandarin ducks playing in the water Red skirts and emerald caps Devoted married couples like double lotus flowers opening In pairs, En en ai ai, a mutual love between spouses This little soft wind blows toward the beautiful flowers Blowing on the good flowers Full of warmth and affection between the people